Christians in Americans: oppressed or oppressors?


America has a long history of oppressing and persecuting groups of people especially minorities, they have done so with the Indians who were driven away from their lands, they have done so with African Americans who were slaves, they did so with with Women who were not given equal right and even now women are not being paid equally, gay who are not given equal rights and much like African Americans until the 1950’s are in some states are allowed to be fired or refused service for religious reasons just based on their sexuality. recently a new group of people have appeared who claim to be mistreated in America, a group of people who you would not suspect that they are being oppressing and persecuting. Christians have been making claims of oppression and persecution and that that their right are being taken away even though 78% of all Americans identify as Christian. It is strange that such supermajority of Americans citizen can be maltreatment by such a small minority of Liberals and gay people especially seeing on both Federal as in state level in both Executive and  Legislative consist almost exclusively out of Christians.

Conservative media including Fox news who have been claiming oppressing for years now, Bill O’Reilly has been claiming that there been am ongoing War on Christmas for years now. He also for instance  claims that “Christians Are Being Killed in America… Verbally”.  Also other Conservatives have made similar or worse comments for instance according to Glenn Beck  we are living in the 1930s all over again” and very soon, governments will start rounding up Jews and Christians. He also Predicts Massive Anti-Christian Persecution If SCOTUS Legalizes Gay Marriage and that Christians Will Soon Be Persecuted For Going To Church, Because Gay Marriage.  Also Republicans have made comments about this Former Senator and Republican Candidate for the 2016 presidential race Rick Santorum, who was the Republican senator for Pennsylvania even went as far to say that “growing threat towards American religious freedom by the government could lead to “Christian persecution,” similar to how the oppression of Jews and Christians evolved over time under Nazi Germany”. Also other Republican Presidential Candidates who have already declared for the 2016 presidential elections also have made comments about this Ted Cruz said that that “The Gay Community Waging ‘Jihad’ Against Religious Freedom” and attacked the Democratic Party and saying that Democratic Party home to ‘liberal fascism’ against Christians while Ben Carson asks  Gays: Where is Your Tolerance for Religious People?.  There is a long list of these kind of comments made by right wing conservative some more absurd than the other but all feeding the fear of oppressing and persecuting.

Christian conservatives, especially those in the fundamentalist Conservative Christian Tea Party feel rights are taken away from Christians they say that  non religious people have to be tolerant against them because of their beliefs but that is a two way street, if you want to be treated with respect you should also show respect to others. There have been enough examples of Christians being intolerant against gay people, Muslims and people who are not Christians like like for instance atheist. In Faubion Middle School in McKinney wearing a shirt saying “Gay. OK” isn’t allowed as support for a bisexual girl on school who was being bullied. This should be protected under freedom of speech and even supported standing against bullying yet the school send the kids who wore those t-shirts home.  There are still seven states that have laws against Atheist holding office even though those laws are not enforced and are not legal. Arizona is a prime example of discrimination, they were the first of many other states have proposed bills that discriminate gay people but in Arizona it got voted by the Governor Jan Brewer. Another example of discrimination in Arizona is  a bill that was proposed that would stop Atheist from graduating high school. They want religious freedom and they want people to respect their religion while they do not respect other people’s belief for examples the Florida city countiler walked out on an Atheist prayer and three Idaho Senators walk out during a Hindu Invocation. Respect is a two way street and if you want respect for your religion does also means respecting other people’s religion(s) and beliefs and walking out on a prayer or Invocation of another religion is disrespectful towards other people’s beliefs. You cannot expect people to respect your beliefs if you do not show the same courtesy to others. Christians think it’s ok to discriminate Atheist and to refuse service to people who exercise their beliefs while when  something would do something similar to a Christian there would be outrage. Where is Christian tolerance when you see woman from Nebraska wanting to sue  all homosexuals, when a Christian Pastors calls to kill all Atheist and gays or when a Lawyer In California Proposes Killing Gays With ‘Sodomite Suppression Act’?

The main problem is Christian privilege, this system arises out of the presumption that the belief in Christianity is a social norm, leading to the exclusion of the nonreligious and members of other religions through institutional religious discrimination. Christian privilege is described on wikipedia as “A type of dominant group privilege in which the unconscious or conscious attitudes and beliefs of Christians are used to discriminate against non-Christians, usually specifically in the United States. Examples include views that non-Christian faiths are inferior or dangerous, or that adherents of other faiths are immoral, sinful, or misguided. These beliefs infiltrate established social institutions, are reinforced by broader American society, and are societal/cultural norms that have evolved as part of a society’s history.”  The right wing believe that America is a Christian nation based on Judeo Christian beliefs, that the founding fathers were Christians and that all the morals and laws are  based on the bible while there is enough evidence that this is not the case and that the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion as it states in the Treaty of Tripoli which was started under the presidency of George Washington and  submitted to the 5th United States Congress by John Adams who ratified it.

Why do Christians feel that they are persecuted? That is a good question because when Marsha Blackburn  who is in the House of Representative representing Tennessee was asked that question she could not name a single example of how Christians are being persecuted. In America Christianity is on the decline and people who identify as unaffiliated or Atheist or Agnostic there is a growing tendency of separation between church and state. Until recently with almost exclusively all al congress being Christian much of all legislation being based on the bible especially when it came to things like marriage, abortion but public opinion on these matters slowly but steadily have changed. The constitution makes it clear that law should not be based on religion it says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”.  There is growing support for separation between church and state things like mandatory prayer in public schools are being removed and also growing support for gay marriage which is also against what the bible says. Gays being equal rights infringes on Christians religious, they do not say it but it implies that their religious freedom thrumps the rights of other of being treated equally. Christians should have religious freedom but their religious freedom should not be more important than the rights of others even if it is a small percentage of the population it should not mean that other groups if they have other beliefs, if they follow another religion or have a different sexuality should be treated different or not been given equal rights.

In my personal opinion, I do not belief that Christians are being  oppressed and or persecuted I do think it is the other way around for the longest time Christianity in America is and basically still is the main religion although it is on the decline. Christians had free reign of the country for decades and law was based on Christianity and Christian morals even if it stumps upon other non Christians groups of people something that is less and less generally accepted. I belief that Christians should be allowed to hold their own beliefs, that they should be allowed to pray, wear expressions of their religion (as long as it’s not insulting to others) but I do not belief they should force their religion and force their morals based on their religion onto others, laws should not be based on religion. I belief in Live and Let Live and people should treated equally, people should be respected how they are. If you have a religion it is fine to have your religious belief but keep them for yourself do not trust your religion upon others.

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